Identifying the best solution to help you achieve your goals

This stage is critical as it lays a solid foundation for providing a product that is effective and scalable and enables you to achieve results fast.


Main Goal

To identify the complexity and scope of the project. We do this through a series of workshops that help us understand your business goals andanalyse every aspect of your product.

On the one hand, this helps us create a well-informed product designedto support your goals. On the other, this part of the process makes itpossible to plan for specifics.

This means that at the next stage, we can provide you with a projectroadmap, specific costs, payment breakdown and timeframes so you canplan your budget.

We provide the best solution possible, one you can build on for even greater results.

Benefits of this stage

Build on Clarity

Successful product founded on clear goals. Thorough understanding of what you want achieve and what your product needs deliver.

Plan your Costs

When you have a clear understanding of the main focus areas, you can embark on the project with clarity in terms of investment.

Balance Costs & Impact

With clear business priorities, you can plan for a product that delivers on your most impactful goals first.

Business Audit

Our team conducts interviews to help us understand the larger context of your business. Your short-term and long-term goals, your expectations, your business plan and how your product fits into the bigger picture. This helps us ensure we provide the ultimate solution to support your business and its growth.

Product Audit

We seek to gain insight into how your product will be used. We look into who the users will be, their needs, what features need to be embedded, etc. This helps us keep all stakeholders in mind and prioritise capabilities aligned with your business goals.

Technical Audit

Whether you already have a software infrastructure in place that needs expanding or you need something new built from scratch, we look into the tech stack that best meets your goals. This becomes the foundation of a robust product.


With a solid understanding of your business, we put together a specific solution, a cost range, and a strategy that lays a solid foundation for developing a product that meets your needs.


  • Workshops & Interview
  • Analysisstrategy
  • Scope calibration


  • Problem definition
  • Tech planning
  • Strategy