We design functional products that your users love

We identify the key users, their wants and needs and translate them into specific features.


Main Goal

To identify who will use your product and how and prioritise features based on your business goals.

We go through a series of workshops that allow us to create a fully working prototype of your product that you can show your stakeholders. This lays the foundation for building a robust final product guaranteed to satisfy users' expectations.

The project roadmap we provide at this stage includes a detailed breakdown of technologies to be used, resources needed, timeframes and all needed for thorough business planning.

Successful products hinge on the thorough understanding of the user

Benefits of this stage

Avoid failure

Test your assumptions so you end up with a product that truly meets users' needs and helps you achieve your goals.

Plan your budget

Know the specific requirements of your product and a breakdown of the timeframes, costs and payments.

Your product tangible

The prototype allows showcasing product to clients and stakeholders. Set expectations before writing a single line of code.

Persona definition

It all starts with who is going to use your product and how. Here we identify who your users are and what is important to each type of user regarding functionality. This helps us gain clarity on what the specific features need to be.

User journeys

Depending on their needs, each user will use your product differently. Looking at the separate user journeys, our experts identify how we can create seamless and enjoyable journeys to retain and engage users.

Features prioritisation

With a solid understanding of your users' needs, we can identify what features to prioritize. This allows your product to be launched fast while ensuring it is effective and efficient.

UX design

With features now clarified, it’s time to create a blueprint and make it all visual. We create low-fidelity wireframes of the features and users' journeys, which become the foundation for the design of your product.

UI design

The next step is to start working on the visual design. We create high-fidelity wireframes that cover all use cases and follow the product’s brand guidelines. This stage also includes any animations and visuals as needed.


You end up with a final product prototype, so you know exactly what to expect. Depending on the scale of the project, you can have a fully-developed prototype of certain features to test the functionality in advance. After you approve your product, it’s ready to move to the development stage.


  • Research
  • Planning and strategy
  • Experience & visual design


  • Project roadmap
  • Documentation
  • Interactive prototype


  • Project specification
  • Technical planning
  • Budget planning
  • Persona specification
  • User journeys
  • Information Architecture
  • Low-fi wireframes
  • High-fi wireframes
  • Features prioritisation