Seamless go live and support now and down the road.

Our team builds a robust infrastructure to support and protect your product while allowing scalability.


Main Goal

To build a robust, secure infrastructure that allows for the scalability and flexibility of your product.

We can add tracking tools allowing you to make informed decisions based on accurate data of users' behavior. With all in place, your team is trained, and your product is moved from a test to a live environment.

We can also provide insight into how you can build on your product for even more outstanding results.

A true partner who is here to support you in reaching your goals, now and down the road.

Benefits of this stage

Have a peace of mind

The launch of a product could be stressful and filled with unpredictable situations. Our team will ensure an effortless go-live process.

Provide ongoing support

We don’t merely build a piece of software. We think along the lines of your business and its goals, consult you on the best approach and guide you through the process.

True partner

We become a part of your organisation in a way. Keeping your interest in mind, we create a product as if it were our own and train your people on how to use it best.

DevOps /Infrastructure building

Our DevOps team builds a robust infrastructure to support your product. That is a secure infrastructure that allows for seamless updates and changes, at any time, without data loss. We put in place tools to ensure data is collected and stored safely on the servers.


Before launch, we train your team, a target group of users and any internal and external stakeholders who will be using your product. Training sessions are recorded, so you can always go back and reuse them.


You can avail of a six-month guarantee support contract. During this period, our team will be available to help you with any queries you may have. Alternatively, you can just opt for a dedicated support team organised according to your needs and requirements.

Go-to-market strategy

Our team can support you in marketing your product effectively. We can provide you with marketing automation tools, i.e. email collection, messaging automation, etc., to streamline your marketing effort and save you time. Our team can also integrate behaviour-tracking tools to help you improve and build on your product down the road in an informed way.


  • Infrastructure building
  • Training
  • Support


  • Tracking tools
  • Support contract
  • Go-to-market strategy