United in our passion for quality products.

We are united in our passion for adding value, solving problems and building software solutions that make people’s lives easier.

Our culture is built around allowing people to thrive and supporting them in reaching their goals - whether that’s our team, the people within your organisation or your users.

Our people love their craft and are passionate about devising digital solutions that translate into measurable results for your organisation.

Each one of our team members loves their craft and is passionate about creating a digital solution that translates into measurable results for your organisation.

To us, a project is not just another job. We always remember there are people on the other side. People with big dreams, real problems to be solved, and goals they want to achieve.

This is why we design and build with people in mind, always striving to ensure your product supports your business in the best way possible.

We love stunning design. We love seeing the results that come from scalable solutions. We love seeing businesses grow and know we’ve been a part of their success story.

We honour our word, respect deadlines, and go the extra mile. But our process and culture allow freedom, creativity and personal expression to ensure we end up with quality digital products.

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Years of experience


Core Team

Kris Bobokov

Chief Executive

The culture that helps us deliver quality digital solutions

Our purpose

To build a community that attracts great people that love what they do and to solve problems that make people’s life easier


То never stop improving by adding new technologies and methodologies to our stack of skills

We thrive exellence

To always define the end purpose of each project and finish what we have started

Our clients

Some of the great companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with.


Custom-made digital solutions that support your business goals.

Marketing Websites

Grab your visitors with stunning design, intuitive functionality and the right messaging, all packaged in a website that is aligned with your brand identity.

Custom CMS

Our CMS systems are completely tailored to your needs, they are flexible, scalable and easy to use. Have the freedom to make changes as per your demands.

CRM Platforms

Get an immediate snapshot of the state of your business, from Sales to Operations and everything in between. We create user-friendly dashboards containing any data you need.

Saas platforms

Let your users have the best experience with your SaaS platform. Our team are experts in minimising pain points and identifying opportunities to engage and retain users.

Mobile Applications

Having a quality mobile app is the best way to ensure you are always within reach for your clients. We design and build user-friendly, fast and functional mobile solutions.

Automation and Big Data

Information is power. The Robots, Scripts and Scrapers we create can do various tasks as well as collect significant amounts of data that can rocket power your business.

What our clients say

Alex Mirchev

The CRM system developed by Perspective Unity Ltd. is working as expected. The team is highly communicative and very skilled at time management, successfully meeting deadlines. Additionally, their young resources have shown impressive willingness to work after hours to ensure customer satisfaction.

CRM Manager, Avto Union Holding Limited

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